Thursday Jun 09, 2022

Handguns, structural racism, and an intersectional framework: 3 student papers

This month we chat with three students recently awarded for their papers at the SAVIR injury conference in the USA. Stephen Oliphant is a Doctoral Candidate, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University; Kelsey Conrick is a Doctoral Student, School of Social Work, University of Washington; and Mudia Uzzi is a Doctoral Candidate, Health Policy Research Scholar at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Department of Health, Behavior and Society Johns Hopkins University. Read these and the other Abstracts from the SAVIR conference on the Injury Prevention website: "Do handgun purchase waiting periods save lives? Evidence from a synthetic control approach" - "Modeling the association of structural racism with disparities in firearm homicide victimization" - "Investigating violence disparities through an intersectional lens: using additive interaction approaches to explore the relationship of redlining and racialized economic segregation on non-fatal shootings in Baltimore city, Maryland" - Please subscribe to the Injury Prevention Podcast via all podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify.

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